Various Recovery Settings

We are not intending to make recommendations of any particular clinic or hospital, but these are some of the ones we have visited that have very good programs and track records for natural recovery from these difficult diseases.

In Louisville we found this clinic that focuses on the most peaceful and tranquil settings to place their patients in. They have bridges, fountains, and calming gardens that have provided untold comfort and peace to many struggling with these diseases. Their track record is strong and patients have a better long term outlook having not been loaded up with drugs and side effect issues.

This hospital in Ohio took a creative approach by purchasing and developing land adjacent to the hospital and building trails and tranquil resting places around a pond. The ducks, deer, and other wildlife have also shown themselves to have curative properties. This novel approach has been one of the most effective in the country.

There is a clinic in Dubuque that has followed the lead of these others. Their focus is on calming talk while in a completely serene setting. As with the others, gently falling water is a key component along with, in this case, beautiful paths and gardens.

When asked how the waterfall worked, they told us it was really simpler than it looked. They had a wall built by a company that builds retaining walls in Richmond Va (one of them knew the owner evidently and the guy built it while visiting), and had the top of the wall rounded to be made to look almost like a large birdbath. The top is really just a semi circle and the bottom is flat, though it doesn’t look that way. A PVC pipe was put behind it and water slowly pumped into it. There is a drain at the bottom to channel the water away. We were advised this is one of the most popular spots at the clinic and they are looking at putting a couple small benches in front of it.

Colorful plants and flowers have also been found to have a calming effect.

As you can see from these three locations, a lot of time, effort, and expense has gone into the creation of environments that truly help settle anxiety and stress. Of course these would be ineffective by themselves, but accompanied by highly trained specialists who can help the patient calm down and focus on little non-threatening things, enormous strides can be made.

We are advised that many patients with whom treatment was successful often return to these places due to the emotional attachment they develop for them over time.

As a side note, we have investigated installing solar panels on the roof of a couple of our buildings in order to reduce our carbon footprint and lower the cost of our electric bills. One of the staff has a friend from his days in the Corps that owns a solar panel company based in Baltimore. Chris gave us a lot of information when we talked and we are investigating this now.